Rental of tank containers for gases

Isotanques para gases

Wide variety of tank container for rent for:

  • Liquefied gases (T50) such as LPG, Ammonia, Propane.
  • Cryogenic liquefied gases (T75) such as LNG, Argon.
  • Compressed gases (MEGC – Multi Element Gas Container)

Features and Advantages of ISO Tank Containers for Gas

They share all the advantages of international cargo containers:

  • Intermodal (Truck/Railway/Barge/Ship. Door to door).
  • Stackable. Economize space.
  • Tank containers for gas have the highest international certifications for recipients that work with pressure.

Applications in the LNG market

Natural gas is liquefied by a cooling process, reducing its volume 600 times, which facilitates the following activities:

  • Bunkering.
  • Import/Export.
  • Shipping from Plant to Distributor.
  • Distribution to large customers.
  • Virtual Gas Pipeline.

Virtual Gas Pipeline

This an alternative to the physical gas pipeline. Gas, which is normally shipped by way of a conventional gas pipeline, is shipped in tank containers as liquefied gas, by boat, road, rail, or a combination thereof.

Virtual Gas Pipelines operate in very small markets for very large scale or geographically complicated supplies for the construction of a traditional gas pipeline.

Other types of isotanks

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