Freight Agent

MissionLine offers services as a domestic and international freight agent to import-export companies, providing a comprehensive solution for your shipping operation which includes the processes of making and coordinating bookings, local shipping, storage and processing documentation, among others.

Freight agent services

MissionLine acts as the link between the shipping company and the import-exporter, coordinating and providing logistic solutions to all kinds of issues than may arise during the operation. Among the services we offer are:

  1. Cargo consolidation
  2. Cargo deconsolidation
  3. Issuance of shipping documents
  4. Coordination with loading agents at origin or destination
  5. Outsourcing carriers
  6. Storage

We offer international logistics services to our customers, import-exporters, customized and addressing specific needs. We take charge of managing and coordinating all the shipping logistics operations for our customers and all the services required for the goods to reach their destination safely.


  1. Consultancy and professional guidance at all times.
  2. Effective management of all processing and documentation.
  3. Savings in time and effort.
  4. We facilitate foreign trade processes.
  5. Management of setbacks.


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