Rental of tank containers for powders and granules

Tank containers for powders and granules

The pneumatic tank containers for powders and granules that we offer for rent are compatible with traditional handling methods used for loading, unloading and mobilizing containers at port terminals, railway stations and warehouses.

They make it possible to send products from door to door with no need to change containers.

Quick unloading up to 1 ton per minute and optimum emptying of the unit thanks to its fluidization system. It is the equipment preferred by cement and resin pellet companies worldwide.

Specifications of the 20’ container:

Dimensions: outer length 6,058 mm, outer width 2,500 mm, outer height 2,896 mm


  • Cubic capacity: 27 m3
  • Maximum gross weight: 34,000 kg
  • MAWP: 0.16MPa, 23.20 psi
  • Tare: 3,820 kg
  • Maximum Payload: 31,850 kg

Other types of isotanks

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