Rental of tank containers for asphalt

Tank containers for asphalt

Rental tank containers for asphalt, bitumen and heavy fuels. Known in the asphalt insurance as Bitutainers, these are the ideal solution for safe cold shipping of the product in its 20’ versions and as part of a modular plant for storage in their 20’ and 40’ versions

Thanks to its ISO dimensions, the 20’ bitutainer is completely intermodal and has a loading capacity that is 30% higher than that of a conventional tank container.

They are equipped with high performance stainless steel tubes for direct-flame heating.

Required heating equipment:

Assembly of quickly adjustable diesel or gas or electric burners

Specifications of the 20’ container:

Maximum gross weight: 35,125 kg, Payload: 28,825 kg, Tare: < 6,300 kilos.<

Dimensions: Length 6058 mm (20’), width: 2438 mm (8’),hHeight: 2591 mm (8’ 6”)

Other types of isotanks

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