MissionLine Logistics SA was set up in July 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Right from its beginnings as an International Freight Forwarding Agent, its single-minded aim was to become a specialist in Isotank operations for the logistics and leasing of liquid, solid and gas shipments. Today the company has almost fifteen years’ experience as agents in international shipments specializing in the chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas industries. It offers logistical services through standard and/or special Isotanks/containers, multimodal land, air and waterway transportation.

The company’s staff is committed to granting its customers high quality service, seeking to provide them with reliable and efficient assistance, and sustainable solutions for their projects.

We do everything with a high degree of responsibility and respect, offering our customers and global associates a prompt response to their requirements.


To offer logistic services for all types of cargoes in accordance with current national and international regulations and standards.


  • Integrity.
  • Operational excellence.
  • Enthusiasm.


To be the South American leader in providing logistic services and storage for cargoes from different industries.


The Board of Directors of MissionLine Logistics SA views the Quality Management System as a determining tool in the organization of all the processes involved in our operation.

MissionLine Logistics SA undertakes to maintain the Quality Management System and a process of ongoing improvement, imagining and putting into practice ways of anticipating and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We thus assume leadership in directing the Quality Management System, committing all the resources necessary to:

  • Continually maintain and improve a Quality Management System that complies with the ISO 9001 Standard in its most recent applicable versions and with this quality policy
  • Comply with the applicable requirements and all the stakeholders’ relevant requirements within the context of the organization
  • Guarantee the sustainable growth of the company by diversifying its offer.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction, thus achieving leadership in quality of service and building customer loyalty, by granting personalized customer support.
  • Promote the growing participation, motivation and commitment of all the staff with the company’s objectives, implementing a policy of internal communication.

Compliance with this policy and with the objectives set to meet it are developed as part of our expectations of economic growth, leadership and benefiting our customers.