Sale of Modular Tanks

Modular tanks

Sale of high-capacity flexible modular tanks to contain liquids and sludge. Complete solutions for the transference and containment of liquids and sludge.

Our products are widely used for hydraulic fracture applications, for the oil, mining, fire-fighting, agriculture, and off-shore marine industries, among others.

Models as per need, the tanks can be used in a modular scheme, with an individual capacity of between 160 and 300 m³, they are transportable, and they are quickly set up or dismantled.

They are offered for sale either for fixed facilities or temporary facilities. An important option when assessing the construction of concrete or metal tanks.


  • Greater capacity
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Foldable, which translates to lower shipping volume
  • Reusable
  • High efficiency remote monitoring of liquid level

Models and specifications

Model Shipping dimension Operational dimension Weight Hoisting method
160m3 10m x 2,8m x 2,8m 10m x 2,8m x 9,2m 20tn Crane
180m3 10m x 2,8m x 3m 10m x 2,8m x 10m 21tn Crane
210m3 11,9m x 2,8m x 2,9m 11,9m x 2,8m x 9,8m 22tn Crane
240m3 14m x 3,2m x 2,8m 14m x 3,2m x 8,5m 28tn Crane/Hydraulic
300m3 14m x 3,2m x 3m 14m x 3,2m x 10m 32tn Crane


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